Parts and Service

For direct part sales call (913) 433-2800

Genuine Parts

The NEW Broderson Dealer Parts Portal is now live!

Authorized dealers can now easily order parts online, track their orders, save carts, search by serial number and part number, and obtain quotes on parts prices. Explore our extensive online inventory of crane parts.

Success in the lift equipment business requires service commensurate with the quality of the equipment. Superb service depends on the availability and rapid delivery of genuine parts. 

Broderson’s role is to maintain and deliver a comprehensive inventory of genuine Broderson parts to our extensive, elite network of carefully selected, well-trained, full-line, full-service dealers–the tip of the service spear. Supported by an experienced, expert dedicated team, our parts operation empowers dealers to maintain virtually every one of the over 10,000 cranes we’ve made. Brodersons’ legendary longevity means many of these cranes have stood the test of time and have been on the job for generations.

Our commitment to excellence in service support is a core corporate value because the value of our cranes depends on maximizing productive uptime. Getting parts delivered on time minimizes downtime. Technician staffing challenges heighten our sense of urgency. While technicians may be in short supply, it is more important than ever that our parts aren’t.

Wherever your work site location may be, Broderson is committed to minimizing downtime and keeping your crane in service.

Broderson Manufacturing understands the high cost of equipment downtime, and thus is dedicated to locating the part you need and getting it to you quickly. Broderson’s skilled and experienced parts staff can ship parts the same day from our state-of-the-art distribution center to keep you up and running.

The Broderson parts team can direct you to your nearest Broderson dealer and also research your parts requirements directly. Contact us at 913-433-2800.

Helpful Tip:

Broderson Cranes are famous for long service lives and the crane serial number helps us ensure we order and ship the right part the first time. Pictured right, is how to locate the serial number of the crane so that you can have it available for the Broderson parts team or your Broderson dealer.

ASAP Delivery

That’s why we strive for same-day order fulfillment on a 24/7/365 basis. We invested in ensuring ample supply and rapid response to dealer parts orders—building a dedicated, purpose-designed warehouse exclusively for replacement parts, staffing it with industry veterans, and deploying state-of-the-art forecasting, inventory, and fulfillment systems.

The result is a parts powerhouse, which we proudly consider a core competency commensurate with our manufacturing prowess. 

Technical Support The Highest Standard of Training

The Broderson Tech support team, in partnership with our Dealers, also offers regularly scheduled training classes at the John J. Lanigan, Sr. Training Academy. Please contact your local Sales Representative, or click here to contact.